Saturday, October 2, 2010


Now today being a new month i said to my self " get your shit together. So I sat down and jump on and started looking for a job. I found some and printed out the apps for the jobs but i didnt feel very productive. I said wtf man Im broke and need a job a.s.a.p I should get this done. I sat in my room doing my applications on the floor since my computer desk was way to dirty. Thats when it hit me, how can i be productive if my room is a mess. So I stop fillling them out and started cleaning my room. after two hours of cleaning I was done. Room looks great and I feel good looking at my room nice and clean. I just finished my two applications and about to head out to turn them in. Lets just hope I get hired.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jobless.. feelsbadman.

It's official I"m broke and need a job asap. I've chilling for a while but just looked at my bank account and damn not a cent left in the bank. I'm now selling everything i have trying to make what cash  i can . Im selling my phones and air Jordans. Im also looking at every day under their job section. If anyone knows of a place thats hiring in the 714 are a leave me a comment with the info.